Safety Solution for Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs)

Safety Solution for AGVs – versatile, individual and cost-effective

Do you have unique requirements for your automated guided vehicle (AGV)? With our wide range of standard and safety technologies, we can implement your requirements quickly and easily. Our customized safety solution not only includes many safety criteria such as the integration of safety laser scanners, Emergency STOP buttons or the safe evaluation of positions and speeds. It also offers solutions for orientation, signaling and drive technology as well as support for AGV control. This enables all AGVs, for example, to be switched off centrally by a safe emergency stop signal – very easily via LAN, Wi-Fi, 5G and much more.

The most important AGV-relevant safety functions – such as the integration of safety laser scanners, E-stop buttons, or the safe evaluation of positions and speeds – can be realized very easily with the safety technology from Bihl+Wiedemann. Moreover, this solution also offers many different building blocks for other non-safety-related functions, such as signaling, drive control, and even support for AGV control.

Automated guided vehicles according to your requirements

Talk with us about your AGV requirements. We will be happy to work with you to find the right solution for you. We offer many standard and safety functions. For use in an AGV, we optimize the housing according to your individual requirements