Drive Solutions for NORD DRIVESYSTEMS

ASi-5 Module for NORD frequency inverters

The new ASi-5 Motor Module for NORDAC FLEX, NORDAC BASE and NORDAC LINK (BWU4371) makes use of ASi-5 to change process control ramps and speed cyclically, thereby enabling extremely quick adjustment. An optimized process data image is provided for this purpose. Motor feedback is also very comprehensive thanks to ASi-5. This is because in addition to the error flags, even the current consumption of the motor and additional information are available for evaluation in the cyclic input data.

Save time and costs, avoid parameterization errors

The ASi-5 motor module for NORDAC FLEX (BWU4371) will, of course allow you to benefit from the well-known ASi advantages, such as drastically reduced wiring complexity. Yet another advantage is gained from the use of our Bihl+Wiedemann Software Suite: Once you have configured an ASi-5 motor module and stored the NORDAC parameters, you can simply copy this information to numerous other ASi-5 motor modules. During commissioning, all motor parameters are downloaded automatically. Parameterization also takes place automatically when motors and motor modules are replaced. This saves you plenty of time plus costs while preventing potential parameterization errors.

Your advantages at a glance

  • One Danfoss VLT frequency inverter can be controlled per module
  • Additional 4 inputs / 2 outputs for cost-efficient connection of further sensors and actuators
  • Detailed diagnostics incl. active current
  • Cyclic writing of speeds and ramps in 1.27 ms
  • Acyclic writing of Danfoss parameters