Safe Link from Bihl+Wiedemann

Safe Link is a technology in the Gateways with integrated Safety Monitors and the Safety Basic Monitors with Ethernet interface. It allows safety controllers to be connected to each other simply, efficiently and with the greatest possible flexibility. Learn more about it in the following articles.

Why safe coupling?

Many safe signals

  • Up to 62 safe signals per safety monitor
  • The more safe signals, the more safety monitors are needed
  • Safety monitors are coupled to each other

Safe couple multiple machines

  • Central E-Shop works on multiple machines
  • E-Stop on one machine works for the neighboring machine

Widely distributed systems

  • Encapsulating of system parts, segmenting
  • Modular system construction
  • Individual modules are coupled to each other

Safe communication via…

  • For traditional fieldbus systems
  • Information exchange via Ethernet diagnostics interfac
  • Safe communication over optical data transmission (additionally required)
  • Safe communication over WLAN networks (addional access points required)
  • For example driverless transport systems, storage and retrieval systems and other mobile applications