Safe Small Controls – Compact, Cost-Effective and Configurable

Are you looking for a cost-effective, safe small control for use in small applications requiring three signals or more? Then you should take a look at our Safety Basic Monitor! The stand-alone solution for the control cabinet has two safe, wear-free electronic semiconductor outputs and up to four safe two-channel inputs or up to eight digital I/Os, depending on the configuration.

Easily Expandable

The Safety Basic Monitor can also process up to 31 safe signals and fulfill complex safety-related requirements if you combine it with other safe modules from Bihl+Wiedemann. In addition to standstill and rotational speed, many other functions can then be reliably monitored – this includes speed ranges, directions of rotation, position ranges, end positions, brake ramps and temperatures, among other things. Even Muting can be easily implemented in this way.

Cost-Effective Scalability through Safe Link

Do you want to implement large installations with up to 1,922 safe signals? Then, why not use Safe Link– our safe cross communication technology, certified to SIL3/PLe. Thanks to Safe Link, you can link up to 31 Safety Basic Monitors or Safety Gateways with each other via the Ethernet diagnostics interface. This makes it easy to connect several system components or driverless transport systems – even if different controls are used

Safety Basic Monitor

For small applications with three or more safe signals, we offer the Safety Basic Monitor, a safe small control without gateway, but with configurable signal outputs. The ASi Safety Module is universally expandable and is also suitable as a head station for special safety applications

Diagnostic Data with the Safety Basic Monitor

The Safety Basic Monitor offers – similar to our ASi Gateways – comprehensive diagnostic data that is available via EtherNet/IP or Modbus TCP. For example, information on the status of the ASi master and the safety monitor can be easily transferred to the higher-level control.