Flexible 24 V and 48 V Power Distribution via Profile Cable and Passive Distributor

Why should you choose us for your voltage supply?

Bihl+Wiedemann offers efficient solutions for 24 V and 48 V DC power distribution: our smart energy concept enables you to flexibly position local outlets for your peripherals. What’s more, our solution simplifies planning and installation. Because thanks to our compact passive distributors, which represent a corresponding “complete set” for power distribution, you do not need any pre-assembled cables with A- or L-coded sockets or tee connectors for connection. Unlike conventional Ethernet solutions, there is also no need for power to be looped through. Another advantage: if required, your application can be supplied with up to 20 A from 24 V or 48 V. Different variants of our passive distributors are available for this purpose. These are optionally available as secured and unsecured junctions with optional LED display for local status messages. And above all, they significantly reduce costs.

What does our voltage supply solution consist of?

Our solution for 24 V and 48 V power distribution comprises the black, reverse polarity protected profile cable and the passive distributors, which also include a cable for connecting the peripherals.

Our smart power supply only needs the profile cable and the passive distributors (image on left). Ethernet connections, on the other hand, require expensive tee connectors and pre-assembled cables (image on right).

Advantages compared to Ethernet-based power supply

  • You can use the bus of your choice in the usual way (e.g., PROFINET)
  • No looping of energy from module to module is necessary, therefore less power dissipation occurs
  • No connector to install, protruding on the junction module, thus saving space and time during installation
  • No additional cables are required to connect the peripherals, eliminating the planning and installation effort for the required cable lengths
  • Via the passive distributor, a wide variety of peripheral participants can be supplied with energy and flexibly connected to the profile cable.

Cost Comparison – Save 56% and more with us

Our solution for 24 V and 48 V power supply is significantly more cost-effective than comparable Ethernet solutions. With as few as three passive distributors and a cable length of 30 meters, you save over 56 percent. The more passive distributors you use and the longer your application is, the higher the savings will be. After all, with us you need neither expensive tee distributors nor pre-fabricated cables to distribute the power supply. And since you are able to connect the peripherals directly to our passive distributors, you also eliminate the need for the additional cable required with other solutions. Another advantage of our solution: thanks to piercing technology, it is extremely easy to install our passive distributors. This way you can greatly reduce the time required for assembly.