Diagnostics With Bihl+Wiedemann – as Easy and User-Friendly as ASi

Wide Range of Diagnostic Options

Diagnostics are indispensable for machines and systems – during commissioning, monitoring/maintenance and, of course, troubleshooting. Bihl+Wiedemann offers numerous diagnostic tools and a wide range of display options for every field of application. What is special about this: The diverse diagnostic options are as easy and user-friendly as the AS-Interface wiring system itself.

For example, our intuitive diagnostic software not only gives you precise error descriptions, but also concrete suggestions for solutions right away. You can also use the software during the acceptance of systems and automatically generate detailed test reports as PDFs.

Our ASi devices also offer various diagnostic functions: For example, the display of the ASi gateways shows a brief description of any errors that may occur. On the other hand, if you see a “smiley”, it means that everything is OK. Individual diagnostic values can also be evaluated in detail via the menu. New ASi-5 modules with channel-specific diagnostics also make it possible to individually detect an output short circuit or sensor supply overload at each connection. Moreover, thanks to the field update capability of our devices, their diagnostic options can also be further extended.